ALTA Staff

ALTA’s personnel have academic backgrounds well suited for the demands of environmental consulting. Specialized and pertinent degrees are held, including several advanced degrees, in Geology (with specialties in Hydrogeology), Chemical Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

ALTA’s project managers generally each have over 20 years of directly related, post-college, professional environmental experience. Each worked at other prominent and established environmental consulting firms prior to joining ALTA. In addition, ALTA personnel have gained related experiences through other positions that now enhance the firm’s capabilities, including Ms. Meloy’s former work as a state regulator and manager of federal hazardous waste programs.


ALTA is structured primarily to ensure strict management of the execution of its professional commissions.  Projects are generally performed or overseen by one of the firm’s project managers, each of whom has earned the responsibilities of client service, technical leadership, budgeting and cost control, scheduling, and loss prevention.  Staffing continuity is maintained to the maximum practical extent to promote efficiency and accuracy; project managers are generally not rotated in projects.

All projects are subject to two layers of review.  Work performed under the supervision of the project manager is reviewed by him or her at the beginning and end of each task, and in whole as the project nears completion.  Non-routine and particularly challenging aspects of projects are also reviewed on a task-by-task basis by the “Principal in Charge” of the project.  In all cases, the Principal in Charge reviews projects in whole once the report draft (or other deliverable, written or oral) has been prepared to the satisfaction of the project manager.  The reviews consider technical quality, quality of presentation, and sensitivity to client concerns.  Above all, the scope of work for a project, and final reports, are examined to ensure that the information gathered and presented will be sufficient to readily support the decision-making the client is facing.

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