ALTA Projects

It is recognized that a firm’s experience and capability are based largely on the experiences of its individual staff members in residence; moreover, repeated exposures to similar challenges results in enhanced capability within a focused area. ALTA has substantial experience and enhanced capability in the following project areas:

  • Environmental Site Assessments and Compliance (with specialty areas of Transfer Act remedial investigations and hazardous waste management)
  • Petroleum-release investigation and remediation Reuse of Polluted Soil Development of current and former agricultural properties
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Pesticide contamination of soils and groundwater
  • Water supply explorations and development
  • Hydrogeologic evaluations for selecting high-yield water supply test-well locations
  • Evaluating aquifer characteristics for suitability as water supply resources
  • Metal-hydroxide hazardous waste lagoon (RCRA) closures
  • Contamination stemming from metal finishing (electroplating) operations
  • Building contamination investigations, and decontamination
  • VOC remediation by Vacuum Extraction Systems
  • RCRA closure and groundwater monitoring
  • Statistical demonstrations for large data sets
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